Brain Based Safety tries to refresh the frame of reference of safety management in general and of why people behave in a safe/unsafe way. This new frame can only be described by using new words. These words are defined here.


The direct awareness that we do, experience or are something. The conscious is ethereal and the only brain function that has no fixed place in the brain. It uses patterns but can reason without using these patterns. It comes into play as soon as we meet unexpected or completely new circumstances, that can not be automatically handled by the nonconscious.


Our behavioral machine that automatically produces behavior based on previously learned and stored patterns. The most important nonconscious functions are perception, motor behavior, basic cognitions and coordination of behavior. The nonconscious actions are mostly based on associations.


Innate brain processes that form the core of our basic functions: surviving, living together and reproducing ourselves. Host of deep feelings like pain, anxiety, basic feeling of direction en the hurdle instinct. Safe behavior is part of our survival mechanisms. Many functions like risk detection are operated in an unconscious way.