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Brain Based Safety is a product of the firm Daalmans Organizational Development

General conditions of delivery


Daalmans Organisational Development (Daalmans) will operate strictly confidential concerning all information of her clients, concerning their names, their assignments, and their intellectual and industrial property.

Copyright materials

Daalmans will remain the formal owner of the copyright of all materials (presentations, hand outs, texts) which are made and distributed during the assignments. The client / commissioner has the right to use these materials for internal use only. Any other use of these materials for external or commercial purposes, is only allowed after written permission from Daalmans concerning the copyright.

Cancellation policy

Other conditions


During the assignments Daalmans can be asked to give advices and might be involved in the implementation of these advises. In all cases, the client / commissioner will stay responsible for the effects of these advices in the organization. Daalmans cannot be held responsible for the effect of any advice given.
In case clients participate in training activities, including outdoor activities, Daalmans will do everything that is possible within a reasonable range of influence, in order to take care that activities are done in a save and secure way. The participation of clients in training activities will be under full responsibility of the client / commissioner.
In case Daalmans is legally responsible for damage due to failure, the responsibility of Daalmans can never be higher than € 1.250.000 for each incident, (€ 2.500.000 in a year) with a maximum for € 500.000 in cases of fire and/or explosions.