What is Brain Based Safety?

Brain Based Safety uses recent knowledge of the brain to enhance safety within organizations. The approach is positive: a focus on how to generate safe behavior instead of the widespread practice of simply avoiding incidents. The main idea is to foster and use our innate competencies so that we can manage the risks that are inherently connected to life. Click here for more theory.

What is new?

Brain Based Safety regards all behavior as being a result of the interaction between our nature, our nurture and circumstance. Safety will improve if we understand who we are, if we keep investing in our safety competences and if we create circumstances that fit well together with the safe execution of a task.  Click here for more practice.


The mission of Brain Based Safety is to contribute new impulses from a psychological perspective to safety policy, so that we can develop an evidence based approach which leads to a safer world.


The core is to understand and work with the human factor, the weakest link within present day safety management.