Safe Work Behaviour with Brain Based Safety

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Part 1: Analysing behaviour

  1. Vision on human behaviour
  2. The instinctive
  3. The automated
  4. The conscious

Part 2: Discovering Risks

  1. Risk and risk detection
  2. Danger sensitivity
  3. Risk understanding

Part 3: Manipulating risks

  1. Risk evaluation
  2. Readiness and stress
  3. Perception of rules

Part 4: Influence of circumstances

  1. Perception of the team
  2. Perception of the leader
  3. Perception of the organization

Part 5: Integration into behaviour

  1. Safe behaviour

Part 6: Brain Based Safety in practice

  1. Safety buddy
  2. Incident investigation
  3. Cultural change
  4. Managing safety processes


The book costs 50 euro plus shipping costs (Netherlands 4, Europe 10, World 15)


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