What is Brain Based Safety?

Brain Based Safety uses recent knowledge of the brain to enhance safety within organizations. The approach is positive: a focus on how to generate safe behavior instead of the widespread practice of avoiding incidents. The main idea is to use our innate safety competencies and transfer them into a company environment. The unconscious awareness of unsafety is the strongest motivator for acting safely. The momentum of change lies in acting together and sharing experiences, not in cognitive explanations of improved rules. Click here for more theory.

Can we predict safety?

Usually we measure safety through the rearview mirror. We count the number of incidents and define how safe the organization was. We make the assumption that this figure reflects todays safety performance. But we can also look forward? Are there leading indicators that can predict future safety? According to the scientific literature this should be possible. Brain Based Safety is testing this assumption. Currently, a pilot is running in the South Limburg Fire Brigade. The perception of employees on relevant safety issues has been measured. Within half a year we can determine whether this measurement has predictive value.


New book Safe Work Behaviour with Brain Based Safety


Now available

Safe Work Behaviour with Brain Based Safety (2017), 233 pages. More information: click here.


Human – safety – economy

The mission of Brain Based Safety is to contribute new impulses from a psychological perspective to safety policy. It helps to develop an evidence based approach which leads to a safer world. Brain Based Safety provides a consistent and evidence based theoretical framework, that allows users to test and further develop their own approach. The result is a safety policy that is solid and  tailor-made for each organization. Integrated safety management enhances the control over company processes, which results in better performance and higher profits.


Man creates such a dynamic that he can barely keep up with the consequences of his own actions. We create more and more processes of which no one has any overview or control. The seriousness of the risks involved and the scale at which they occur already go beyond our imagination.  Only few foresaw the economic crisis of 2008 and today many people doubt whether we have learned enough to prevent a recurrence. We need better ways to assess risk and control processes, especially when human behavior is part of the game. Brain Based Safety provides knowledge, training, consultancy and tools to strengthen risk management of organizations.