The added value

Brain Based Safety is inspired by a different view on human behavior. This vision expresses itself mostly in the following statements:

  • Behavior is not the result of a single unified source (e.g. a will) but emerges out of an interplay between several brain functions, each with their own agenda.
  • This interplay is strongly influenced by the circumstances: by organizing these we can evoke any behavior we want, both safe and unsafe
  • Behavior is far from logical, although we like to think so. We are even willing to create a logical story about why we behave in a certain way and believe in it ourselves. The “why question” during an incident investigation, will seldom give useful information.
  • Behavior is not rational, emotions like anxiety have a huge impact, especially in safety behavior.
  • Behavior hardly takes place on a conscious level. It is a result of nonconscious processes and consists out of chains of previously learned automated patterns.
  • Behavior hardly changes due to new insights. It is only achieved through changing the automated patterns by repeated actions.
  • Behavior always adjusts itself to the behavior of our social environment.