Organization: many small investments yield good returns

Safety is one of the many wheels of an organization. Together with performance and cost it is one of the key parameters of a management dashboard.

Role of management

Management plays a crucial role in the attitude towards safety. When there is a crisis, do we cut costs in such a way that safety is not affected? How are people treated when trespassing safety rules? What is the response to a safety incident? In taking action, management shows its safety cards.


Priming, the using of stereotypes to influence nonconscious behavioral patterns, can play an important role in the temporary activation of safety behavior. Well-orchestrated safety campaigns can definitely generate results.

Stress management

Last but definitely not least, management can have a powerful influence on stress management. Stress has an important role to play in our vigilance and our risk sensibility and as such is one of the great supporters of safe behavior. However too low a stress level takes us to a comfort zone where we lose sharpness. Too high a stress level creates too strong a focus leading to tunnel vision and a lack of generating and seeking of social support. High stress isolates us at the very moment when we most need social contacts.