Individual: Safety Buddy, learning via personal contact

Risk detection is a key competence for safe behavior. It consists of risk sensitivity and risk understanding which both have to be learned.

One to one

The one-to-one level approach is very suitable for this kind of learning process. Brain Based Safety states that it is easier to develop behavior, than to change it, the first time right principle. The induction period is the best time to gain understanding and sensitivity to risks. A good induction not only involves knowledge about the task and the work processes at the site, but also about the dangers and risks involved in working there.

Additional role

A Safety Buddy is an additional role fulfilled by a respected senior colleague who knows the ins and outs of the job. The buddy accompanies the new colleague on a regular basis whilst doing the job and shares his perception of risks and explains how these can be handled; a combination of a work introduction and a safety baptism.

Emotional resonance

Risk sensitivity is based on a feeling of fear for specific situations. These fears can hardly be learned via the conscious channel of explanation. Due to emotional resonance, we can learn by experiencing the fears of somebody else.