Safety Buddy, lecture on safety coaching

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Safety Buddy: the Dutch Association of Safety (NVVK) organizes a mini conference of half a day. This conference is focused on the topic of coaching as a way of enhancing safe behavior. The main questions are: who is coaching and what actions are taking during a coaching process.

Safety Buddy

Safety Buddy

Content Safety Buddy

During the lecture in Dutch I will answer 6 questions:

  1. What is behavior and is it created?
  2. What is safe behavior and how is this created?
  3. How can we influence and change behavior of others?
  4. How can we do this in a structured way?
  5. How can we introduce the role of a safety buddy?
  6. What is the role of the SHE-officer in this process?


– free acces for members of the NVVK
– others are welcom but have to pay 35 euro
– subscription via
– apart from me, Peter Henneveld of the Bewustzijnsfabriek wil organize an interactive session around the topic of coaching.

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